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I'm not going to be very positive on this one !

I've been putting this one off for a long time. It's one of my closest neighbours. In terms of distance I mean. No, no .... no local feud. No I haven't been keeping it for myself either. Though it would be great .... I'd have about 50m of El Hédim wall all to myself.
No, I've been putting it off simply because I found the price completely ridiculous. They've been asking for 500 000 Euros for it to all those who came to see it. I told you it was ridiculous.
But today they came to see me saying they really wanted to sell and I let myself get lured into going to take a few shots. Basically it's a very tall house on three levels. Not traditional at all. All concrete structure and woodwork that might not even be fifty years old. And there is a quite "interesting?" piano like fountain sitting right in the middle of it all.
I'm not doing a very good job of selling this am I ?

Let's try and see the positive points ..... Check out this view. It's even better than mine. You're right up against the wall. Perfect location and loads of space to redecorate !
Peak out through the windows and this is what you get ..... and from the terrace it's even better of course. Come to think of it, it's one of the rare houses that has windows actually opening in the Ismailian wall.

I know .... not so many positive points and a lot of very possibly pointless negociating, but can't you just imagine what you could do with this little corner ....
Okay, so it's not a bargain but now that I've taken the shots and written the post I may as well publish ;)
In any case, if you happen to have that sort of money to spend, make sure you come and make an offer on Riad Felloussia before you sign anything.
Come to Meknes and visit some houses for sale at the same time. Riad Felloussia is a fully renovated Riad in the medina of Meknes. Many riads still need to be restored in Meknes. These pages aim to give some idea of the type of houses and riads that are on sale in Meknes. If you wish to buy a house or riad in Meknes, please contact me at and I will be happy to look for the house or ryad that you are looking for. I have now finished restoring my own riad and the guest house is running smoothly so I sometimes feel like some more renovating work. If you wish to invest in Meknes I will be happy to serve as a contact.