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Riad near the royal palace of Meknes

This is the type of riad that is getting quite rare in Meknes. It is almost 400 square meters on the ground. It has two large courtyards with two fountains and richly decorated pillars.
Most of the house is on two levels but some parts are on three. It has more than a dozen rooms and small adjacent rooms that could easily be converted into bathrooms. The 4 terraces are also very interesting in that they each belong to seperate parts of the riad and could each be private terraces for suites. The main terrace has the great advantage of looking into the royal palace of Meknes and also the golf course. The riad has three seperate entrances that give acces to different parts of the medina. Last but not least of the advantages of this riad : it has fully legalized papers and all the familly members are decided on selling.

Now the drawbacks ;) Well, you know how prices have been going crazy lately. ... They are asking for 300 000 Euros which seems exagerrated. Another problem is location. Eventhough it is nicely located near the palace and the mausoleum, there is the huge Ismailian wall which acts as a barrier and means that you have to walk over a kilometer to gain acces to tourist sites.
Still this is an interesting riad and the price is as always very negociable.


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