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The Riad you've been waiting for ...

This is it. This riad is just perfect. It is right in the souks in the medina, just behind El Hedim square and the Meknes museum.
The riad is about 200 sq meters and it is almost all on the ground floor. It even has Orange trees in the patio. I told you .... Perfect !
This is not a run down ruin which will need long years of renovating. This is the ready-to-go version. You can move in tomorrow !! This riad is unique in Meknes.
The French couple who own it have done an astounding job on this house. I love this riad because it was renovated in purely traditional fashion. No cement in here. No fast, cheap alternatives. It is all clay bricks, lime and cedar wood.
The patio is very vast and has arches all around its sides. The sun comes right into the center of the property and the effect is absolutely delightful. Under the arches there is marvelous sculpted woodwork. The fountain is fabulous and all the sculpted cedar doors are authentic.
The interior design is just as amazing. Some rooms have kept a very traditional touch with beautiful woodwork and sculpted plaster whereas other areas like this living area have a much more modern touch.

I can't recommend this riad enough. If you want to get a better feel of the house you can take this virtual tour. If you wish, I can also send you some extra photos of the interior and the terrace. The couple are asking a very decent price for this riad and seeing how the market has gone a little crazy in Meknes recently, I don't think this riad will be on offer for very long. I've seen ruins that were being sold for more than this.
Feel free to contact me for price and details.


paula said...
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Aileen Collins said...

Beautiful places. Thanks for the tour-up! Wish I can go there too. :)
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Justin Sara said...

Beautiful place, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us
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Soledad Knight said...

I hope the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me a lot.

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janondrej said...

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good afternoon

could you please send me more details about the riad. Is it still available?
Is it possible to visit the place?
I live in Singapore and Im looking for a riad.
my email is



lisa_d said...
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Mark Joshua Santos said...

Nice place to have a tour with. Hope I can go to this place.

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